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Top Tips for Increasing Online Sales

Are your digital marketing activities in place to maximise online sales? Read on to discover our top tips on increasing your sales using digital marketing.


1. Google Presence

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and type into the Google search engine what a potential buyer might be looking for on your website. If you come up on page 2, or worse, not at all, it’s vital that you enhance your Google presence.  Search Ads, Google Shopping and Remarketing Ads are all essential tools at your disposal, but they need to be used with care and skill in order to save yourself from costly mistakes.

2. Increase your Budget

If you’re already running Google Adwords campaigns it is worth upping your spend over your peak season to increase your sales: this could be Christmas for many retailers but could also be Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter etc for many others. Don’t forget to make sure you have enough stock to deal with an increase in sales!

Increase online sales

3. Review your Settings

It is worth reviewing the setup of your Ad campaigns. Are the settings matching your target audience? Make sure your location targeting is set up correctly to concentrate your efforts where your products sell best. Are your Search Ads appearing within the top 4 positions, or do you need to increase your bids? Or it could be that you’re paying too much for your search terms.

4. Monitor Search Queries

Are you monitoring search queries on a weekly basis? It doesn’t take long to do this, and by knocking out irrelevant keywords used when people search for your products, you can really help to minimise wasted clicks and get the maximum return on your budget.

5. Stay Top of People’s Minds

People do a lot of browsing before making up their minds about which product to go for. If you want to make sure people are reminded of your products, remarketing is a powerful tool. Remarketing works by retargeting your website customers with adverts about your business as they browse the web. Don’t let them forget your website and your products!

6. Be Visible and Visual in the Search Results

Any online retailer would be well advised to use Google Shopping. It’s ideal for showcasing your products  and making it easy for people to buy. Many people start with Google Shopping and might not ever make it onto the search results if they find what they are looking for. For more on Google Shopping read our previous blog post.

7. Social Media Content Planning

Unless you’re the black sheep of the retail world, you’ll be using social media to raise awareness of your brand and products. Make sure you plan your posts carefully, particularly in the lead up key seasonal sales periods, to push your popular products: mention their key features, benefits and endorsements. To avoid disappointment don’t forget to keep your customers well informed across all of your social media platforms regarding the last postage days for last minute orders.

8. Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising is a great way to reach beyond your existing audience and increase web visitors and sales. You can do very detailed targeting on both Twitter and Facebook: narrowing down your audience by location, age, interests and job titles. To avoid wasting money, make sure you optimise the settings to pay by Ad clicks rather than Ad views.

9.  Email Marketing

Do you have an email marketing list? Make sure you plan your content around your key sales periods, pushing your popular products, explaining their key features and benefits. Give people plently of time to consider your product: if they're interested and visit your website, that's when your remarketing ads will kick in. Remind people well before a key date like Christmas or Mother's Day regarding last postage days, so your customers don’t miss out.

We hope these tips help to increase your online sales. If you need ongoing support with your advertising campaigns please feel free to get in touch.



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