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Why Digital Marketing?

Why Digital MarketingCould your business be missing out on online leads and sales? As many as 2 million sole traders and small businesses are missing out on £1.5 billion of cyber weekend sales due to their lack of online presence, according to the Dept of Business, Innovation & Skills. From their research they also found more than half of customers (55%) say they find it hard to support local businesses when they cannot find them online.


 Thus it’s critical for businesses to effectively use Digital Marketing enabling their customer base to find them online.   UK population using internet84% of the UK population now use the internet (approx. 52 million people) and 74% go online monthly. Google is now what the yellow pages were and is often our first port of call when searching online. In the UK they own 91% of the search engine market.Google Search Engine UK Market Share If not appearing on page 1 for your key products and services you can run Google Ads to have paid for page one presence.


You could then look to optimise your site via search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to move it organically towards page one. It should be noted it cannot be guaranteed to gain page one presence due a number of factors beyond your control and doesn’t happen overnight (it can take many months and can even take at least a year or two). However by applying the right techniques over time we have been able to achieve it for some of our clients.


You can also consider other digital marketing activities like social media and email marketing. Social media is one of the big recent changes in marketing that potentially helps level the playing field for small businesses when competing against larger ones.


72% of the population over 16 in the UK are using at least one social media platform (even higher with young adults aged 16 to 24 – 93%).


More often than not this is likely to be Facebook - 36 million UK accounts, with 4 to 5 million UK people using it every day, followed by Twitter - over 10 million UK accounts, with 2.5 million UK people using it every day and LinkedIn – over 10 million UK accounts. Also on the rise are image based sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram and for videos YouTube (owned by Google).


As many people now research several sites before they buy, they may also want to sign up to an email newsletter to hear more about certain products or services. Here they’re looking for informative content that may help improve their buying decisions. This gives you the chance to build trust with them so that they feel confident to buy from you, rather than elsewhere. It also gives you (along with social media) the opportunity to retain customers by remaining in touch with them on a regular basis.


Thus, between Google, social media and emails, you have some great ways to reach out to your customer base on the platforms they’re most likely to be using in their day to day lives. This gives them a great chance to discover your business when they’re looking for a specific product or service.


We’ll finish this blog with 6 key questions:

  1. What is your digital marketing strategy?
  2. What is your Google Presence?
  3. What is your social media presence?
  4. What is your email marketing stragegy?
  5. How could you complement your offline marketing activities with online?
  6. Can we help?


Chris Wood - Digital Marketing Specialist

Stats & Pie Chart Images via Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report, Internet World Stats, eMarketer & Hitwise

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