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6 Reasons why your Google Ads aren’t working

6 Reasons Why Your Google Adword Campaigns Aren’t WorkingIf you’re currently scratching your head wondering why on earth your Google Adwords campaigns aren’t performing as well as you expected, it may be that you’re missing some crucial settings which will make a massive difference to the effectiveness of your campaign.

When you set up a Google Adwords campaign, the one thing you should never do is accept the default options! To optimize your campaign to reach the most relevant audience at the best price, you need to customize the settings. Here are six recommendations to boost the effectiveness of your Google Adwords campaign.

1.      Placement

When you create a new campaign you’ll be given several options regarding which online platforms you want your ad to be shown on. The option we recommend is ‘Search Network Only’. This option displays your ad on the Google search engine and hence where most people start their online buying journey.

NB: The Display Network shows your ad on websites which have signed up to show Google Ads (‘partner websites’). This option is more for raising awareness of your products and, if not properly set up, can be quite expensive to run for little return. We recommend learning how the Search Network Ads work first and coming back to Display Network Ads as a separate campaign if you want to trial this option.

2.      Location

Is your campaign properly configured to your customer base? If you have a Devon customer base, or most of your sales come from London, there’s no point advertising UK wide, which is the default option when you create a campaign.

3.      Scheduling

Do you want your ads to run 24*7? It’s likely that people in the early hours of the morning are just browsing to pass the time, so clicks between midnight and 6am could be a waste of money. If you’re a B2B business you may find Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm is much more likely to get the best click through rate (CTR).  Make sure you set up your ads to display on the set days and hours which make the most sense for your business, and don’t just use the default 24*7 setting.

4.      Devices

Is your website mobile friendly? If not, you’d be advised to switch off the default display option of ‘All Devices’. Instead, make sure the mobile option is switched off. Much better to use up your daily budget on people who will get the best user experience from your website, rather than frustrate people browsing on their mobile phone who may find your site hard to navigate.

5.      Keyword Matching

Have your checked your keyword match types? Leaving the default setting as ‘broad’ can drain the money out of your campaign very quickly, since your ad will show to people searching for anything broadly based on your keywords. Using ‘phrase match’ is much more specific and will help to send the right people to your website.

6.      Negative Keywords

The use of negative keywords is essential for any successful campaign. If your campaign doesn’t use this feature it is likely to have a very poor click through rate (CTR) and a lot of web visits from people ending up on your website by mistake.  If you sell camping equipment for example, you don’t want your ‘tent’ page to display to someone searching for ‘tent hire’. In this instance ‘hire’ should be set up as a negative keyword to prevent it showing up to this type of search query. The minimum CTR recommended by Google is 2%, with many campaigns that are not working often below 1%. A regularly updated negative keyword list will really help to improve your CTR.

So the key to running a successful Google Adwords campaign is to spend some time setting up or adjusting your campaign using the tips above. Then, importantly, don’t just go away and leave it to run, it’s essential to check in on your campaigns regularly to monitor the results and adjust the settings to make further improvements. Simply changing to Search Network and updating your negative keywords list often saves up to 60% on wasted clicks, thus saving money or allowing your budget to be better spent elsewhere.

If you need help with your Google Adwords campaign get in touch with the QSM team on 01392 311 340.

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