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A Guide for Businesses on LinkedIn’s Latest Changes

LinkedIn has introduced some significant changes recently to both the look and features of the platform. In this post we’ll talk you through what they are and how they effect your LinkedIn personal and company profiles. LinkedIn has not introduced these changes across the board, so if you don’t see any changes when you log into your account and look on the home page, don’t worry you will soon!

New Home Screen Layout

The new LinkedIn home page looks cleaner and simpler. Your profile info is now featured on the left, and the posts feed (still in the centre) looks less cluttered. The links along the top menu bar are now all aligned to the right and have icons as well as text (as in the mobile app). The ‘Learning’ and ‘Interests’ options have now disappeared from the top menu bar and are under the ‘Work’ icon (was the "More" tab) and instead you’ll notice that there are now ‘Messaging’, ‘Notifications’ and ‘Ads’ icons. The ‘Profile’ option has been replaced by ‘Me’.

A Guide for Businesses on LinkedIn’s Latest ChangesScreenshot 2017-01-16 13.33.02.png

The ‘Me’ Section

If you click on the ‘Me’ option and select ‘View Profile’ you will see that the profile page looks slightly different. The page looks less cluttered and the editing options made simpler.

Under the ‘Add new profile section’ you will notice a new ‘Accomplishments’ tab. This allows you to add eight different assets to your profile: Publications, Certifications, Courses, Projects, Honours & Awards, Patents, Test Scores and Languages. This gives you a new way to highlight areas of your profile which might have been lost in the general profile summary text before.


The size of the background image has changed too so you will need to use an image which is now 1536 x 768 pixels.

‘Search’ Has Changed

If you go to the search page (click on the magnifying glass next to the search bar) you will notice that you can no longer filter searches by keyword, first and last name, title or location. Also, saved searches and tagging are no longer available.  On the plus side, you can now search exclusively for jobs, companies, groups, and schools from the search tab, which is a handy feature.Screenshot 2017-01-16 13.59.38.png

A Guide for Businesses on LinkedIn’s Latest Changes

‘My Network’ Changes

The old ‘My Network’ drop down options of ‘Connections, ‘Add Contacts’, ‘People You May Know’ and ‘Find Alumni’ have gone. Instead a single, simplified page replaces them. Although the look and feel is less busy, some of the options which were previously available are now gone. For example, if you now click on one of your connections you can now only opt to message them or remove them – you can no longer tag them, or view and edit the contact information you have for them.

A Guide for Businesses on LinkedIn’s Latest ChangesScreenshot 2017-01-16 14.06.03.png

What’s in the ‘Work’ tab?

For anything you can’t find, it’s worth looking in the ‘Work’ tab on the top menu bar, which now holds a lot of useful features you might end up hunting around for. Head here for: Post a Job, Learning, Groups, Profinder, Lookup and Slideshare. If you’ve been searching high and low for where to create a company page, it’s in ‘Work’ under ‘Show more’!

‘Notifications’ gets its own tab!

It’s now easier to see notifications and interact with them in this newly designed layout. LinkedIn appears to be encouraging users to interact more by making more of work orientated celebrations like work anniversaries and new jobs, as well as birthdays, by using large boxed text for suggested interactions (‘Say happy birthday’) and by using a large ‘like’ icon.

A Guide for Businesses on LinkedIn’s Latest ChangesScreenshot 2017-01-16 14.33.14.png

Ads’ option is more prominent

It’s clear from these latest changes that LinkedIn is hoping to increase its revenue from advertising. The ‘Ads’ option now has its own listing in the top menu bar instead of being hidden away under ‘Business Services’ as in the old layout. You still click through to the same advertising interface but the new prominence of this feature is significant.

Company Pages have changed too!

The feel of the newly designed company pages, again, is cleaner and simpler. The focus appears to be on encouraging admins to post updates, with a dedicated ‘Updates’ tab having been created as the default landing page when you opt to ‘Manage Company Pages’. Your focus is drawn more to the engagement rates of your posts, with stats from the last 7 days posted on the left. The paid advertising (sponsored posts) option looks more prominent now that all the other post analytics info has been moved over to the left or in a paler grey font beneath the ‘Sponsor now’ option. To edit your company page, you now need to click on the ‘Overview’ tab (by default you will land on your ‘Updates’ tab).

A Guide for Businesses on LinkedIn’s Latest ChangesScreenshot 2017-01-17 09.50.32.png

There is also a new company page look for people who visit your page, which follows the look and feel of the other new LinkedIn interfaces.


A lot of the changes reflect the look and interactivity of the LinkedIn mobile app and feel a lot more modern, less cluttered and more intuitive. . They also reflect a lot of thought being put into the user experience and a new focus on user interaction. Although the changes will take some getting used to and some useful features have gone, it’s likely that once you’re accustomed to it, you will find it an improvement. It’s clear from the new design that although the platform is still focused 100% on business, LinkedIn is trying to make the platform feel less corporate. There is more emphasis on interactivity and definitely more on advertising.

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