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LinkedIn Group Changes

linkedin groupsRecently LinkedIn have been making some big changes to their group’s features. This will include simplifying several features of the group to ensure they will always be trustworthy to gather with like-minded professionals. Within this blog I will be talking about the main changes and how they makes groups a better place. 


All Groups Are Now Private

Conversations which are made within the group will no longer be visible to non-members which is aimed to encourage more effective conversations between those which are members. This change has come about after research made by LinkedIn showed the professional conversations are most effective in a private place.

Content Moderation

This change allows conversations to be immediately posted into a group by a member without the need for the manager’s approval, this is to ensure groups are effective as timely conversation forums. However, off-topic conversations can still be removed by group owners, managers or moderators and place the member who posted the conversation into moderation. Group members are also able to flag inappropriate comments and conversations after they’ve been posted.

Standard and Unlisted Groups

All groups on LinkedIn will now be either Standard or Unlisted. Standard groups will be shown in search results and any member is able to invite any of their 1st degree connections to join that group. Unlisted groups however will not be shown within search results and only the manager and owner of the group are able to invite to members into the group. Your group will automatically become a standard group if it currently has public conversations or is free to join by anyone.

linkedin group changes


All Groups Are Now Members-Only Groups

Now it will require an invitation or approval of your request to join a LinkedIn group in order to encourage higher quality conversations. Members-only groups have gained significantly more participation and conversations that others, indicating that members are more confident to contribute within these type of groups.

Removal of Subgroups

Research has shown that Subgroups was too confusing for a large majority of LinkedIn members. Therefore, LinkedIn have decided that Group owners will no longer be able to create subgroups in order to confuse other members. In order to surface these subgroups to members and help them grow, they will now be treated as independent groups. Links to existing subgroups could be added to the about page of the parent group to maintain the hierarchical structure.

Better Content Filtering

In order to make sure that promotional conversations stay out of the conversation feed LinkedIn have improved the filtering of spam and low quality content so the conversations stay around relevant topics. Job listings and conversations will be automatically moved to the jobs tab if ever they appear in the main conversation feed.

Removal of Promotions Tab

Due to research, it has shown that promotional content in LinkedIn groups isn’t a valuable experience because it can quickly lead to spam. The promotions tab has now been removed in order to focus on quality conversations. Any new promotional posts will be sent to the moderation queue for the managers, owners and moderators to approve.

LinkedIn Tabs: linkedin groups tabs


Member Approval in Standard Groups

When a member requests to join a Standard Group, their connections in the group can approve the request. Group owners and managers can also approve any request to join.

Posting Images in Conversations

You will soon be able to post images within new conversations to make the conversation as engaging as possible. When starting a conversation, there will be an image icon in the lower left corner within the conversation window which will allow you to upload an image with your conversation topic. At this current time you are not able to post images with your comment replies within conversations.

LinkedIn Groups iOS Mobile App

With the new group’s mobile app for iOS, you are now able to track conversation on the go. You are able to receive push notifications for conversations in your groups which keeps you updated with what is happening in your community. An Android version will be available soon.

Mentions in Group Conversations

When you are replying within a conversation you are now able to mention other members of the group and bring them by typing “@” followed by the group member’s name. This will notify the member you have mentioned them encourage them to participate and drive more engagement around your conversations. You can mention a group member either when you are starting a conversation or when commenting on an existing conversation.

All in all we feel this will help simplify the management of groups and improve user experience in providing a better forum for quality conversations. We particularly like the @mention feature and can see that being a very useful feature by being able to easily invite others over time into the conversation.

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Emily Lye (with thanks to Marie Leverett for highlighting these changes) 

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