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How to use Social Media to Differentiate from Competitors

Do you sometimes ponder the value of social media for your business? Whilst some sales can be accurately attributed to social media through website tracking, there are some less measurable ways which social media is of huge value to your business. It all revolves around one thing: connecting with your target audience.

You might think that only the people who follow or like you on social media view your posts, but there are also those people who use social media to find out more about you, and to try and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Social media platforms can really help a potential customer to get to know you. From your Facebook page they can see how you respond to enquiries, what sort of reviews you are getting, what kind of content you are sharing and what your company ethos is all about. People can do a fair bit of browsing before deciding on which business to give their custom to, and if it’s between you and a competitor, your social media accounts could clinch it.

Imagine if you were trying to decide between working with two companies, who appear quite similar in their offering. To help make up your mind you take a look at their social media accounts to find out more about them. If company A is sharing lively, interesting posts which engage with their followers and answer their questions and company B rarely posts at all and has a Facebook page which looks deserted, it’s almost guaranteed that you’d decide to go with company A. It’s hard to build trust with a company who are not spending any time engaging with their audience.

How to use social media to differentiate from competitors

Social media is a valuable sales tool, but it should be seen, first and foremost, as a way of engaging with your target audience, portraying your brand in the best possible light and building trust. Social media is more than a direct sales tool, it’s also a window into your business. The path which someone takes to decide on which business to work with, or which product to choose isn’t always straightforward and measurable.

You need to make sure that all the channels through which you communicate with your audience are portraying your brand in the best possible way, connecting with your audience and  building up the trust needed to make a potential customer feel confident to buy.

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