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Outsource Social Media Management

We Can Make Social Media Work For Your Business – harnessing the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (as well as YouTube and Blogs if applicable). Raising your profile, connecting with more customers and helping to drive business growth over the long term. Our social media specialists will help to:

  • Engage and draw in your customer base online – build trust, long term loyalty and distinguish yourself from competitors
  • Connect with your industry online
  • Use the tools efficiently – post simultaneously across multiple platforms
  • Integrate social media within your marketing mix
  • Run Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns to targeted audiences
  • Measure what works
  • Get the best return from the time put in
  • Raise your Google profile - enhance Search Engine Optimisation for your website

This way you don’t miss out with social media now a key activity of the marketing mix and playing an ever important part in search engine optimising websites to help gain good search engine presence.

Whether you are too busy or just don’t want to manage it yourself you can be confident knowing that it is being managed by Q Social Media efficiently and effectively for your business.

We can also manage:

  • Google Advertising campaigns - whether setting them up from scratch or taking over existing campaigns, where we would optimise them to reduce wasted clicks and improve click-through rate
  • Track key website visitor traffic stats in Google Analytics and send monthly email reports
  • Search Engine Optimisation for Content Management Sites (like Wordpress/Joomla) - e.g. updating meta fields and image text fields per website page for Google to pick up on key terms and link building with quality applicable sites
  • Email Marketing campaigns - regular newsletters and/or eshot promotions


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These are the type of social media activities that we can undertake via our social management service on your behalf (as well as answering your on-going queries):



  • Tweets (messages) every working day – at least one in the morning and one in the afternoon
    • Driving traffic to your site on a weekly basis, which search engines like Google will pick up on
  • Retweeting and responding to applicable tweets
  • Tracking keywords to find business opportunities or research the market
  • Increasing your followers to customer base and industry
  • Using lists to focus and engage more with key Twitter profiles being followed
  • Using #tags to reach out beyond following
  • Running Twitter Ad campaigns to targeted audiences
  • Tracking the stats to see how it is working


  • Posting messages 3 to 5 times a week
  • Helping to create content that can be shared via fan base within Facebook
  • Bringing your Page to life with other applications like Twitter, YouTube and Blogs
  • Increasing your likes to customer base
  • Running Facebook Ad Campaigns targeting location, age groups, gender, keywords
  • Using Facebook to promote events to public/students/consumers (when applicable)
  • Tracking the stats to see how it is working


  • Optimising your profile for bigger impact (not just within LinkedIn, Google too!)
  • Posting weekly status updates to personal and company profile
  • Using LinkedIn to promote events to businesses (when applicable)
  • Assisting you with following activities:
    • Gain recommendations and re-use them in your marketing
    • Leverage your connections to build your network
    • Reach out to a wider audience online via groups – promote yourself as an expert!
  • Tracking the stats to see how it is working


  • Promoting content like blogs and videos via your social media platforms to engage your followers and draw in new ones


Enquire Now To Find Out More On Outsourcing Your Social Media Activities: Call Chris Wood on 01392 311 340 to further discuss. Contact Us >>


In-House Training & Management Services (where applicable can be tailored to your business, industry and customer base)

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